Ethical Hacking

First of all, what is Hacking?

Hacking is the activity with only one porpuse: search weaknesses in computers, networks or systems and gain access to it, this can lead to obtain data of a person or an organization.

As a hacker, once he gain access, what can he do with all the information that can obtain? Here is where a hacker decide wich path will choose and what to do with the great responsability of their knowlede. Therefor, exist different types of hackers.

White hats, the white side perform penetration testing and vulnerability assesments, all this with permission.

Gray hats, the middle side who breaks into computer systemas without authority.

Black hats, the dark side with unauthorized access can steal, violate an harm computer systems.

Why Ethical Hacking?

Beacuase threats will never end, cyber criminals will never going to stop trying to harm any system, it is necesasary to be a step ahead of them, with effective protection of cmputer system networks.

The principles of Ethical Hacking are:

  • Obtain permission (prefered written) before hacking the computer(s)/network / systems of owner or any organization.
  • Protect the privacy of the owner or organizatión.
  • Made records, a complete, transparently and detailed report of all the weaknesses being found within the systems of the organization.
  • Reduce risks of unforeseen issues, do not harm any with the ethical hacker´s actions.
  • Work ethically, do a professional job and only perform hack actions that being agreed on.